HANSA GROUP более 20 лет ведет успешное строительство на территории России и продолжает работу в штатном режиме. Наша компания — самостоятельная финансовая структура, все взаиморасчеты компании проводятся через российские банки. Работы по текущим проектам ведутся в соответствии с заявленными планами.


Controlled by the European ISO 9001 certifying company, we have been operating using the QES approach to processes for over 20 years. This results in the projects completed in a quality and timely manner with minimum safety infringements as confirmed by our customers, such as RZD, KNAUF, P&G, Philip Morris, Fiskars

High quality of construction

Hansa Group performs full range of works: from shaping a concept of complex territory development or creation of a facility, design, construction, capital raising to commissioning and estate management. Expertise and experience of Hansa Group professionals make it possible to successfully complete projects of any complexity.