Residential Complex "Kandinsky House" is a sixteen-storey elite-class monolithic residential complex, located in the central district of Yekaterinburg.

The building includes 88 apartments of various planning concepts. The area of the apartments ranges from 50.1 m2 to 156.42 m2, the ceiling height is 2.92 m.

The house is equipped with a three-level parking for 196 cars, and a well-equipped outdoor space. The first floors of the residential part of the house and the commercial gallery are connected by a single architectural solution of the facades — natural granite Gabbro.

This is one of the most ancient and noble materials that is used in the interiors and exterior cladding of buildings. Finishing with natural stone allows the building not to age. The main advantages of granite are related to the properties of the stone itself.

The facade of the residential part of "Kandinsky" is made of Swiss fiber cement slabs.