Construction company

We build high quality real estate - for life, business and society, in which people can make their own dreams come true.

Residential Properties

By implementing projects, we create a comfortable living environment that matches the lifestyle of our clients and is suitable for every family member.

General contracting works

For 20 years, Hansa Group has maintained a reputation as a reliable general contractor and provides effective project management

More European values

Nordic precision

HANSA GROUP is a dynamically developing European construction company. In our work, we are guided by the principles of sustainable development, long-term partnership, safety and environmental friendliness.

2,8 mln+
Implemented objects
We are proud of the Hansa group's contribution to every project

Reliable construction company

Hansa Group has been successfully implementing projects of any complexity that follow the latest real estate market trends. Controlled by the European certifying company, we have been operating using the QES approach to processes for 20 years. Such approach results in high quality projects completed on time as confirmed by our customers.

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We build projects of any complexity across Russia

We cooperate with well-known partners, such as RZD JSC, Severstal PAO, Philip Morris AO, British American Tobacco JSC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, etc.

marker Moscow
calendar 2002-2003

Trade and office complex "Novinsky passage"

marker Moscow
calendar 2001-2003

Class A business center "Alfa Arbat Center"

marker Moscow
calendar 1997-2000

RC "Kuntsevo"

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 1997-1999,


marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 1996-1997,


marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 2017

Shopping complex "K-Rauta"

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 2018

Hypermarket "Decathlon Parnas"

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 2006-2007

Retail store "Stockman"

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 2002-2004

Consulate General of Finland

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 2011-2013

Residential complex "House on Detskoy" - business-class residential project

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 2004-2005

Residential complex "On Poklonnogorskaya"

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 1994-1994

Office and residential building 8- Aya Sovetskaya

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 1998-2000

Ice Palace

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 1996-1997

Chuppa Chups Plant

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 1996

Golden Kazan

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 1997

House of Sweden

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 2006

Marine Station

marker Saint-Petersburg
calendar 2010-2011

Deutsche Bank office

marker Mytishchi
calendar 2001-2002

Arena Mytischi

marker Khimki
calendar 2003


marker Khimki
calendar 2003


marker Klin
calendar 2003-2005

Glaverbel Wedge. Glass factory

marker Veliky Novgorod
calendar 1995-1999


marker Cherepovets
calendar 2012-2013

Water park "Rainbow"

marker Cherepovets
calendar 2004-2006


marker Yaroslavl
calendar 2013-2016

Sports base of NP HC "Lokomotiv"

marker Yaroslavl
calendar 1998-2001

Arena 2000 Yaroslavl

marker Yekaterinburg
calendar 2009-2012

Sberbank administrative building (Class A office building)

marker Yekaterinburg
calendar 2013-2015

Residential complex "Kandinsky House"

marker Yekaterinburg
calendar 2006-2007

Central stadium of Yekaterinburg

marker Yekaterinburg
calendar 2007-2008

Sports and Cultural Center "Tennis Academy named after B. Yeltsin"

marker Krasnogorsk
calendar 2018 г.

Knauf (knauf Gips)

marker Omsk
calendar 2003-2005

Arena "Vanguard"

marker Mirny
calendar 2003-2004

Multifunctional arena and stadium "Triumph"

marker Nyurba
calendar 2002-2003

Diamond processing plant

Twenty years of work in the Russian market is evidence of the reliability of our business, the professionalism of our team and the desire to develop dynamically. Our company has more than 50 completed projects throughout Russia, with significant European and Russian customers.